30 Round .233/5.56 SS Rifle MAG Matte Black/Orange


  • 30 Rounds.
  • Durable and Dependable
  • 400 Stainless Steel
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Outperforms Aluminum MAGS in Every Test
  • Follower: Plastic Anti-tilt Black/Orange

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30 RD .233/5.56 SS Rifle MAG Matte Black/Orange

Follower: Plastic Anti-tilt Black/Orange

The Stainless Steel Magazine

Extremely durable and dependable, the stainless steel magazine outperforms the mil-spec aluminum magazine in every test.

The combination of 400 series stainless steel and heat treatment makes this magazine one of the most heavy-duty in the industry today, with only a slight increase in weight. It can take a beating that would destroy an aluminum magazine and continue to perform admirably with enhanced strength, reliability and performance.

Advanced Proprietary Coatings

Companion to our Specially Engineered Geometry is our Advanced Proprietary Coatings. In a nutshell, without giving too many corporate secrets away, our Advanced Proprietary Coatings, which also contains Black-T®, attaches at the molecular level and greatly decreases the coefficient of friction, providing a smooth, problem-free operation, greater performance and an extended service life through an unparalleled lubricity.  Ensuring that, even if you’re using the dirtiest ammunition on the planet – Our Magazines Will Not Jam!

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